no matter what you do,
i'm gonna steal your heart


ellington ratliff is mad at you

yellington ratliff

ellington ratliff got rid of his cold

smellington ratliff

ellington ratliff is annoying as fuck

rydellington ratliff

auslly + songs from the ‘austin & ally’ soundtrack

Good night Miami!


well, i tried.

auslly kiss


You know, I really hope Laura wins the TCA’s this year. Why? Because I feel that she’s very deserving of it. She’s supported Austin & Ally, her cast, talked highly about her friends and family, she’s worked hard with filming ASOHC and AA season 3, while still attending school and graduating school…

aye throwback to some Raura


AU: Austin and Ally as The Notebook

They fell in love didn’t they?

Yes, they did.